VAM downloader for Windows users

Installing git, mercurial, zip commands can be tedious on windows. This page let's you download VAM and its plugins.


Fill in the form, then copy the _vimrc and vimfiles into your user directory. https using self signed certificate is supported.

Put in "V I M" (mind the spaces, spam protection):

The plugin names you want separated by , or space (VAM-kr and VAM will be included always):
Yes, from now one '"[] will be stripped so pasting a list is fine, also. This way you can update everyhting at once easily.

target operating system:

Be patient. Fetching repositories by mercurial, svn or git can take some time.
[1] Linux users may want to use the sample code (section 2).
If you have trouble contact Marc Weber by email (marco-oweber ATT or on (#vim).

previous downloads
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This list of known plugin names is updated every 96 hours: